Alarm Monitoring

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Alarm Monitoring for Business

Comprehensive alarm monitoring services are one of your best lines of defense when it comes to keeping your business safe. Since you put a lot of work into your company, it’s important to make sure it has the protection it needs.

While alarms and sensors can help deter intruders, professional monitoring services are what can really keep your business safe. We work directly with C.O.P.S. for our alarm monitoring services. C.O.P.S. is a national company with all the resources and technology you would want, with home-town roots right here in Texas. They have a regional monitoring facility in the greater Dallas area, so you can rest assured you will be working with someone local if you need them.

We know our customers are busy and that running a business alone is enough work. This is why we are here to diligently stand by to watch and protect your business 24/7. It is our commitment to be there every minute of every day to help keep your company safe–even when you can’t be.

Why Cellular Alarm Monitoring?

We proudly use cellular alarm monitoring to make certain you never experience a lapse in your coverage. Cellular alarm monitoring can keep you protected, even when unexpected issues arise.

They are designed to work if there is a power outage, your internet is down or even if someone cuts your line. There is no better way to make sure that your Texas business stays protected at all times.

The Program That Works Even When You Can’t

We want to make sure that our DFW customers are able to keep tabs on their business, even when they can’t physically be there themselves. This is why we have partnered with to help provide monitoring and automation services for all of our business clients.

Our alarm monitoring services work for you, providing you with 24/7 coverage for your business. We will be there to monitor for suspicious activity when you can’t.

We will alert the right personnel in an emergency and even help you close that back door your employee accidentally left open. We know there are a lot of working parts involved with keeping your business up and running, so we’ll help you stay on top of them all.

How to Get Started

There is no better time than now to get started with business security monitoring. With our professional monitoring services, we will provide your company with that little extra sense of security it needs so you can focus on keeping your business up and running.

Secure Your Home with Complete Security SOLUTIONS

Secure your home with and Complete Security Solutions home owners security alarms surveillance fort worth texas
We’ve Got Texas Home Security Covered

At Complete Security Solutions, we truly take our name to heart. This means offering you total, comprehensive security services that will help you feel safe in your home. It is our goal to make sure you feel secure 24/7, so you can spend your time doing what you love. This way, you can leave the worrying up to us.